1. Whiskey Winds

From the recording Whiskey Winds

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By Cindy Kay Skinner & Donna Rose Dutchess

Verse 1

Out here on the turquoise islands heartache came oh so soon
Lost the love of my life now I’m oh so lost under this neon moon
Just sayn all those ladies they don’t compare at all to you
time heals a broken hearts so why do I still feel so damn blue
Whiskey winds are blowing all across this crystal white sand
Cheers to this day till I don't care, my guitar in my hand
Pour me a drink, smoke a little treat takes me where I wanna be
Under this old palm tree...... wishing you were here with me.
Blow Whiskey winds.....Whiskey winds.
Hands raised drinks everywhere, band is playing our favorite song
Seems like yesterday we were arm in arm singing right along
Somedays I wonder where I went wrong or was it just not meant to be
A hurting heart without you girl, will I ever find the one for me?

the palm tree sways-like when I danced with you
Underneath the moonlit night, Lord I'm missing you!
Chorus repeat
Whiskey winds
Whiskey winds
Whiskey winds

Cindy Skinner cindykay.song@yahoo.com
Donna Dutchess dutchessdnn@gmail.com