You Ain't In The Picture Anymore
by Cindy Skinner & Donna Dutchess

Verse 1
A break ups never easy, whether 5 or twenty five
Tear stained boxes in my hand, moving van out in the drive
Pictures scattered everywhere, got me thinking about the past
The way things were before and I hoping it could last
As I hang new pictures on the wall
You ain’t in the picture anymore (CHORUS)

Verse 2
Newspaper on the front step, cup of coffee in my hand
On the wedding page you bought another wedding band
Damn I really loved you, Lord knows I tried
But oh how you cheated, and oh how you lied
As I sit here on my front porch all alone
You ain’t in the picture anymore

Not anymore
Will I cry a million tears
Not anymore
Over lost forever years
There's not a chance in hell
you’ll be walking through my door
I locked it up, I said no more
You ain't in the picture anymore.
You ain't in the picture anymore.

they say a picture paints a thousand words
You ain't in the picture, no you ain't in the picture (key change/chorus) v