1. TRY (Demo)


Words and Music by Donna Dutchess, BMI
dutchessdnn@gmail.com 716-512-0681
Grant me the serenity
To accept that I am made perfectly
Give me the knowledge
To know I can be myself freely
Give me the wisdom
To know I’m perfect in your eyes
That you love me as I am gives me the courage to try.

I will be brave, yes I will
I will fly high above the hills
I will dance like a fool, like nobody’s watching me
I will sing the song in my heart confidently
I’m not afraid to try. I’m not afraid to try.

Grant me the strength
To take the path you set for me
Give me the power
Not to hear any negativity
Give me the grace to know
And follow where you lead
That you love me as I am
Gives me the courage to try!