Story Behind "TRY"

I was a professional singer/songwriter with my band all through the 1980's.  I quit performing when my daughter turned 14 in order to stay at home and supervise her teenage years.  Two years later the unthinkable happened: she was killed in a typical teenage drunk driving car accident. I won't go into the years that followed except to say that my son at the time was 9 years old and he desperately needed for my husband and I to survive. And but for the grace of God, we did......just survive.  I not only stopped singing, I stopped writing music as well. Nobody wanted to hear the sad songs that came out of me. 
Last April 2016, something in me began to stir. "Something" inspired me to dig out one of my old songs , "What Am I 'Sposed To Do?"and create a video to go with it. I dedicated that song and video to anyone who lost a loved one and put it up on YouTube. Less that 3 weeks later, almost 5000 people not only listened, but sent me an email telling me how much the song meant to them.   My reaction was to realize that maybe, just maybe, I needed to resurrect my songwriting and pursue that again. 
It was also during that time that someone posted a goofy version of the Serenity Prayer on Facebook. A friend of mine messaged me and said "Donna, you've got to put this to music!". I immediately said to myself "no way!"  Well, that night I went to bed and at 1:00 am "inspiration" woke me up and I knew I had to get out of bed to write as I was directed.  The outcome was "TRY".  I realized I had written my anthem song. The words say it all! It came to me that I was controlled by fear for the last 30 years. No more. I was being liberated! 
Since that time last April, my life has completely changed. I am writing full time. My songs are generating a lot of interest. Life and God, are good!