To have the privilege of introducing music to you or your child is my ultimate honor.  I was a handicap child with a profound hearing loss. When my father got me my first guitar at the age of 13, my world exploded! I was always very shy, very introverted with little or no friends. Once I started playing that guitar, I not only had friends, but I became very popular. One year after starting lessons, I began putting together singing groups. Noted for our 4 part harmonies, we performed in as many venues as our age permitted, including television appearances. Channel 4's program "4 Country" did a half our feature on my band, focusing on how a  "deaf" girl can not only be the leader of a band, but write all their original music. 

This is now my time to pay it forward and introduce music to a new generation.

Guitar lessons last between 45 minutes to an hour, once per week at a cost of $20 per lesson.  You will be able to:

1. Read and play music

2. Play most of the basic chords

You will need:

1. Guitar (please consult with me before buying one. A guitar bought at Walmart or such places is a toy. Not meant for taking lessons)

2. Mel Bay Guitar Method #1 (I bought mine on ebay)

3. A music stand (ebay for under $10)

4.Donner Guitar Tuner Clip on-Accurate Chromatic,Acoustic Guitar Bass Violin Ukulele Tuner DT-2. Amazon $10.93

Contact me for further information. I am only taking 10 students. 716-512-0681 or 716-549-5445  or





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